Name Date Speaker Type Specialty Video
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a pregnant woman with aphasia and unilateral weakness 05/16/2016 Eisenberger Morning Report
Giardiasis and bacillary angiomatosis in an HIV-infected adult with vomiting, diarrhea, and skin lesions 05/17/2016 Shalev Morning Report
New diagnosis of multiple myeloma in a man with back pain and renal failure 05/18/2016 Diuguid Morning Report
Metformin-associated lactic acidosis in a diabetic patient with shock 05/19/2016 Ganda Morning Report
Septic shock due to severe skin/soft tissue infection in an HIV-infected patient with KS-associated lymphedema 05/23/2016 Chong Morning Report
Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis in a young man with headache and a lytic skull lesion 05/24/2016 Heaney Morning Report
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a young woman with subacute cough and weight loss 05/25/2016 Patel Morning Report
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in a woman with 1-month of memory loss and myoclonus 05/26/2016 Lennihan Morning Report
Myocardial infarction with normal coronary arteries in a post-partum woman with SLE presenting with chest pain 05/31/2016 Ali Morning Report
HOCM patient with syncope 06/01/2016 Maurer Morning Report
Hyponatremia in a patient presenting with somnolence 06/02/2016 Fernandez Morning Report
Intake Rounds: Refractory Ascites with SBP, Hyponatremia 06/06/2016 Division Intake Rounds Morning Report Allergy and Immunology
IBD patient with bloody diarrhea and new diagnosis of PSC 06/07/2016 Lawlor Morning Report
ARDS in patient with influenza H1N1 06/08/2016 Abrams Morning Report
Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of Lung in a Young man with Hemoptysis 06/13/2016 Sacher Morning Report
Panhypopituitarism with Adrenal Crisis and Central Diabetes Insipidus 06/14/2016 Kurra Morning Report
Sternoclavicular, Ankle, Knee swelling after bronchitis found to have Reactive Arthritis 06/15/2016 Nickerson Morning Report
Peri-partum female who p/w 4 days SOB found to have high-output CHF 06/16/2016 Yee-ping Sun Morning Report
45 yo woman with metastatic melanoma found to have severe hypercalcemia to 19 06/20/2016 Schwartz Morning Report
Young man with prolonged post-ictal state found to have marked renal failure due to ATN 06/21/2016 Radhakrishnan Morning Report
Young woman presenting with a digital ulcer found to have new systemic sclerosis 06/22/2016 Bernstein Morning Report
53 yo man presenting with progressive DOE, cough, and hemoptysis 06/23/2016 Kirtane Morning Report
A man presenting with fever and abdominal pain, found to have hypervirulent (mucoviscous) Klebsiella liver abscess 06/27/2016 Lowy Morning Report
A young man with HIV infection on dapsone presenting with dyspnea, found to have methemoglobinemia 06/28/2016 Muir Morning Report
Young woman with Grave's disease on methimazole presenting with acute liver injury 06/29/2016 McConnell Morning Report
48 yo M with history of Crohn's presenting with LE swelling secondary to nephrotic syndrome 06/30/2016 Appel Morning Report
54 y/o woman with HIV presenting with fever and AMS, found to have MSSA Endocarditis with septic emboli 07/05/2016 Miko Morning Report
21 y/o with palpitations, found to have WPW 07/06/2016 Iyer Morning Report
54 y/o M hx of epilepsy, PSA and HCV who p/w R-sided weakness and pain 07/07/2016 Canetta Morning Report
21 y/o with fever and body aches, p/w new Dx of SLE 07/12/2016 Askanase Morning Report
A man presenting w/ fever, wt loss, LAD, found to have new HIV infection, adrenal insufficiency, Salmonella bacteremia and disseminated histoplasmosis 07/13/2016 Gordon Morning Report
An elderly man presenting w/ hypothermia, hypotension, hypoxemia, and AMS, found to have myxedema coma 07/14/2016 Jacobs Morning Report
66 yo woman with anaphylaxis after several weeks on ceftriaxone 07/18/2016 Miller Morning Report
Aspergilloma in patient with HIV and previous nontuberculous mycobacterium infection 07/19/2016 Schluger Morning Report
54 yo woman with elevated transaminases returning from the DR with acute HCV infection 07/20/2016 Verna Morning Report
58 yo man with HTN and DMII presenting with nephrotic syndrome 07/21/2016 Crew Morning Report
56 y/o with progressive SOB found to have Pulm HTN 07/25/2016 Burkart Morning Report
85 yo woman with acute onset SOB found to have Takotsubo's on cath 07/26/2016 Bijou Morning Report
56 y/o OHT with syncope found to have Nocardia brain abscess 07/27/2016 Pereira Morning Report
66 y/o man with intervals of AMS found to have Lewy body Dementia 07/28/2016 Lennihan Morning Report
72 y/o with generalized weakness, fever, found to have acute AML 08/01/2016 Rosenblat Morning Report
37 yo man presenting with new diagnosis HIV/AIDS and multiple OIs 08/02/2016 Olender Morning Report
49 y/o with weakness, facial, swelling and rash found to have Dermatomyositis 08/03/2016 Kang Morning Report
71 y/o ESRD pt. on HD presenting with Hyperkalemia 08/04/2016 Siddall Morning Report
62 y/o with RA who presents with SOB - had myocarditis 08/08/2016 Bathon Morning Report
76 y/o with acute decompensated HF 2/2 Fulminant Myocarditis 08/09/2016 Garan Morning Report Cardiology
45 yo M with rhabdomyolysis, compartment syndrome, and ARDS requiring paralysis 08/10/2016 Brodie Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
67 y/o woman with vasculitis presenting with acute SOB found to have DAH 08/11/2016 Abrams Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
50 y/o woman presenting w/ fever, HA, transaminitis, thrombocytopenia and leukopenia, found to have anaplasmosis 08/15/2016 Sobieszczyk Morning Report Infectious Disease
57 y/o gentleman s/p Whipple for Pancreatic Ca with chronic diarrhea found to have celiac disease 08/16/2016 Lebwohl Morning Report Gastroenterology
An older man presenting w/ hypercalcemia, found to have both hepatic sarcoidosis and primary hyperparathyroidism 08/17/2016 Wardlaw Morning Report Endocrinology
26 yo man presenting with SOB and scrotal edema found to have rare HIV related immune complex GN 08/18/2016 Valeri Morning Report Nephrology
59 yo man with prior treated HCV presents with new diagnosis HCC and extensive PVT 08/22/2016 Lucero Morning Report Gastroenterology
63 yo woman with new presentation of metastatic bony lesions found to have breast cancer 08/23/2016 Kalinsky Morning Report Oncology
42 y/o woman with saddle PE who underwent EKOS 08/24/2016 Green Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
Older man with ICM and heart failure presenting with multiple AICD shocks and found to have VT storm 08/25/2016 Biviano Morning Report Cardiology
48 yo M with dysphagia and hematemesis, found to have esophageal tear and likely EOE 08/29/2016 Abrams Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
67 yo F with Afib and prior strokes presenting with R sided weakness 08/30/2016 Willey Morning Report Neurology
56 yo M returning from visit to Ghana with fatigue and myalgias found to have malaria 08/31/2016 Lowy Morning Report Infectious Disease
80 yo F with new presentation of ANCA-associated rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis 09/01/2016 Bomback Morning Report Nephrology
28 y/o woman with abdominal pain - new Dx of Colorectal Cancer 09/06/2016 Neugut Morning Report Oncology
64 yo woman with subacute fatigue and neurologic deficits found to have IgG4 pachymeningitis 09/07/2016 Giles Morning Report Rheumatology
35 y/o post-partum woman p/w AMS, AKI, anemia, thrombocytopenia, found to have catastrophic APS 09/08/2016 Diuguid Morning Report Hematology
Intake Rounds: Neutropenic fever and LAM 09/12/2016 Division Chiefs Morning Report Allergy and Immunology
54 y/o man s/p splenectomy p/w septic shock, DIC from Capnocytophaga bacteremia 09/14/2016 Dobkin Morning Report Infectious Disease
79 yo man presenting with fatigue/confusion found to have salicylate toxicity 09/15/2016 Canetta Morning Report Nephrology
49 yo woman presenting with acute liver injury found to have autoimmune hepatitis vs drug-induced liver injury 09/19/2016 Fox Morning Report Gastroenterology
29 yo woman presenting with SOB and chest pain, found to have thyrotoxicosis 09/20/2016 Jacobs Morning Report Endocrinology
93 yo man with CAD and s/p TAVR presenting with STEMI and subsequent free wall rupture and cardiac tamponade 09/21/2016 O'Connor Morning Report Cardiology
56 y/o man p/w new-onset asthma, found to have pulmonary strongyloides 09/22/2016 Keating Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
52 yo woman with HIV presenting with 1 mo of abnormal behavior found to have anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis 09/26/2016 Lennihan Morning Report Neurology
42 yo woman presenting to WIC with fevers and arthralgias after returning from DR found to test positive for Zika Virus 09/27/2016 Lipkin Morning Report Infectious Disease
25 yo woman from China presenting with 3-4 months of fever found to have subacute bacterial endocarditis 09/28/2016 Miko Morning Report Infectious Disease
75 yo woman with CNS lymphoma found to have profound respiratory alkalosis 09/29/2016 Radhakrishnan Morning Report Nephrology
60 yo man with no PMH presenting with fevers and lymphadenopathy x 3 weeks, found to have HLH 10/04/2016 Jurcic Morning Report Hematology
19 yo man presenting after unknown ingestion found to have organophosphate poisoning 10/05/2016 Dzierba Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
57 y/o with ARF, glomerulonephritis, presumed IgA nephropathy 10/06/2016 Ganda Morning Report Nephrology
77 y/o presenting with abdominal pain - found to have functioning adrenal adenoma 10/10/2016 Kurra Morning Report Endocrinology
36 y/o woman with Beta-Thal presenting with Aortitis - Presumed Takayasu's 10/11/2016 Mayer Morning Report Rheumatology
45 y/o M smoker with cough and SOB - Legionella 10/12/2016 Yoko Furuya Morning Report Infectious Disease
38 y/o presenting with SOB - found to have new HF from Titin Gene Mutation 10/13/2016 Bijou Morning Report Cardiology
48 y/o F with diarrhea and abdominal pain - microscopic colitis 10/17/2016 Dr. Daniel Freedberg Morning Report Gastroenterology
52 y/o gentleman with HIV/HCV who presents with fever, weight loss, rash, and odynophagia found to have Secondary Syphilis 10/18/2016 Shalev Morning Report Infectious Disease
43 y/o M no PMH who p/w fever and HA - HSV2 Meningitis 10/19/2016 Kiran Thakur Morning Report Neurology
34 y/o man with recurrent PNA found to have solitary lung mass - Carcinoid Tumor 10/24/2016 Keith Brenner Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
20 y/o M hx of UC who p/w bloody diarrhea - C. Diff and UC Flare 10/25/2016 Dr. Suneeta Krishnareddy Morning Report Gastroenterology
29 y/o congenital heart disease, pHTN and PEs who presents with acute SOB and cough 10/26/2016 Lewis Morning Report Cardiology
66 y/o F p/w SOB and CP - found to have pericarditis/pericardial effusion and tamponade 10/27/2016 Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Morning Report Cardiology
26 y/o M hx of HIV who p/w diarrhea and oligoarthritis - reactive arthritis and Shigella 11/01/2016 Dr. Kathy Nickerson Morning Report Rheumatology
67 y/o M p/w L-sided weakness found to have CNS lymphoma - methotrexate induced renal injury 11/02/2016 Dr. Russell Crew Morning Report Nephrology
54 y/o woman presenting with breast firmness and ulcerations- found to have metastatic Breast Ca 11/03/2016 Kalinsky Morning Report Oncology
An older man presenting w/ dizziness, found to have AV dissociation w/ accelerated junctional rhythm 11/07/2016 Biviano Morning Report Cardiology
27 yo woman with thigh pain and weakness found to have dermatomyositis 11/09/2016 Bathon Morning Report Rheumatology
41 y/o with Hx of Sarcoid who p/w hemoptysis 11/10/2016 Burkart Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
68 y/o with HCV, PSA, Schizophrenia who presents with abdominal pain/SOB found to have bowel perforation 11/14/2016 Yip Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
Middle aged man w/ RA, found to have laryngeal polyp, PNA and possible ILD 11/15/2016 Lederer Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
Older woman p/w fever, cough, rash, diffuse arthralgias, found to have WBC 300 c/w acute leukemia w/ leukostasis 11/16/2016 Heaney Morning Report Oncology
76 y/o with hoarseness and progressive dysphagia found to have active TB 11/17/2016 Schluger Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
23 y/o with abdominal pain, recurrent pancreatitis found to have Hypertriglyceridemia 11/21/2016 Pajvani Morning Report Endocrinology
Older woman w/ prior hx BRCA-related ovarian CA, now p/w atrial mass, found to be cardiac sarcoma 11/22/2016 Schwartz Morning Report Oncology
Middle aged man w/ hx IVDU p/w LBP, found to have epidural abscess/vertebral osteomyelitis due to Chryseobacterium indologenes 11/23/2016 Pereira Morning Report Infectious Disease
23 y/o with PSC/AIH overlap p/w cholangitis now s/p Liver Transplant 11/28/2016 Dove Morning Report Gastroenterology
Older woman presenting w/ thyroiditis and nephrotic-range proteinuria, found to have MCD 11/29/2016 Radhakrishnan Morning Report Nephrology
62 yo woman with p-ANCA vasculitis related ESRD on HD p/w SOB and found to have DAH 11/30/2016 Bulman Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
63 yo woman with schizophrenia presenting with confusion found to have hyponatremia to 113 12/01/2016 Mohan Morning Report Nephrology
Intake Rounds: Severe epistaxis and disseminated rash in post-transplant patient 12/05/2016 Division Chiefs Morning Report Infectious Disease
36 yo woman with abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea found to have typical HUS 12/06/2016 Eisenberger Morning Report Hematology
32 yo M with FSGS s/p renal transplant x4 presenting with SOB and found to have PCP pneumonia 12/07/2016 Miko Morning Report Infectious Disease
77 yo man presenting with sudden onset chest pain found to be in cardiogenic shock secondary to acute MR 12/08/2016 Bijou Morning Report Cardiology
Triage Morning Report - Meningitis and subglottic stenosis 12/12/2016 Chong Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
62 yo woman with 8 months of worsening SOB found to have NSIP secondary to as yet diagnosed connective tissue disease 12/13/2016 Patel Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
31 yo man p/w septic shock, DAH w/ ARDS after travel to Singapore, found to have leptospirosis 12/14/2016 Hammer Morning Report Infectious Disease
61 yo woman presenting with AKI found to have ANCA positive pauci-immune GN 12/15/2016 Appel Morning Report Nephrology
35 yo M with CAD and recent PCI presenting with BRBPR, found to have R colic artery/terminal ileum bleeding on angiogram 12/19/2016 Rosenberg Morning Report Gastroenterology
46 yo woman with month long history of episodic chest pain, palpitations, and syncopal episodes found to have pheochromocytoma 12/20/2016 Kurra Morning Report Endocrinology
71 y/o woman p/w chest pain, PEA arrest, found to have inferior STEMI likely 2/2 traumatic RCA occlusion and large type B aortic dissection 12/21/2016 Nazif Morning Report Cardiology
65 yo woman with history of type A dissection s/p repair with AVR presenting with SOB 12/22/2016 Goldman Morning Report Cardiology
47 y/o woman w/ hx Holt-Oram syndrome, RA, APLS, p/w fatigue, found to have auto-immune hemolytic anemia 12/28/2016 Diuguid Morning Report Hematology
65 y/o M hx of prosthetic MV p/w fevers, chills and night sweats found to have endocarditis 12/29/2016 Yoko Furuya Morning Report Infectious Disease
60 y/o with post-postprandial emesis and weight loss found to have Esophageal SCC 01/04/2017 Magun Morning Report Gastroenterology
64 y/o F p/w abdominal pain found to be pancytopenic and on BM biopsy as B-cell ALL (PH+) 01/05/2017 Jurcic Morning Report Hematology
52 y/o F hx of Chronic Hep B p/w acute flare of Hep B 01/10/2017 Verna Morning Report Gastroenterology
85 y/o F hx of Graves who p/w thyroid storm 01/11/2017 McConnell Morning Report Endocrinology
52 y/o MSM man p/w hypoxic respiratory failure and diagnosed with AIDS and PCP 01/12/2017 Shalev Morning Report Infectious Disease
75 y/o M p/w acute SOB found to have acute MR s/p LHC and surgical repair 01/17/2017 Rabbani Morning Report Cardiology
43 y/o F p/w fevers, HA's and rash thought to have RMSF 01/18/2017 Dr. Benjamin Miko Morning Report Infectious Disease
33 y/o F hx of PV and Budd-chiari who p/w HRS and undergoes Liver Transplant 01/19/2017 Alyson Fox Morning Report Gastroenterology
32 y/o M no PMH who p/w syncope and found to have TTE/MRI findings suggestive of ARVD 01/23/2017 Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum Morning Report Cardiology
43 y/o M p/w CP/SOB found to have Stage IV NSCLC with ALK rearrangement 01/24/2017 Cathy Shu Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
26 y/o F hx of CF who p/w hemoptysis and infection 01/25/2017 Claire Keating Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
36 y/o with L arm weakness Dx with MS and Latent Syphilis 01/26/2017 Laura Lennihan Morning Report Neurology
62 y/o gentleman presenting with status asthmaticus needing ECMO/ECCOR 01/30/2017 Darryl Abrams Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
91 y/o with unstable angina with LHC complicated by perforation 01/31/2017 Sahil Parikh Morning Report Cardiology
60 y/o with HTN Emergency and intracranial hemorrhage 02/07/2017 Willey Morning Report Neurology
47 y/o gentleman with HIV and TB presents obtunded- found to have TB IRIS 02/08/2017 Peter Gordon Morning Report Infectious Disease
33 y/o pregnant woman with nephrotic range proteinuria - IgA nephropathy 02/09/2017 Gharavi Morning Report Nephrology
55 y/o with no PMH presenting with Strep. pneumo empyema 02/13/2017 Greendyke Morning Report Infectious Disease
73 y/o with UC presenting with EPEC and UC flare, found to also have NSCLC 02/14/2017 Krishnareddy Morning Report Gastroenterology
41 y/o woman with necrotic fingers- ?Lupus with vasculitis 02/15/2017 Giles Morning Report Rheumatology
45 y/o gentleman with necrotizing pancreatitis 02/16/2017 Poneros Morning Report Gastroenterology
73 y/o man with sciatic pain - found to have a chordoma 02/21/2017 Schwartz Morning Report Oncology
65 y/o gentleman with restrictive disease- IgG4 Pericarditis 02/22/2017 Maurer Morning Report Cardiology
Young woman found to have new Sjogrens c/b tubulointerstitial nephritis and Fanconi syndrome 02/23/2017 Al-Awqati Morning Report Nephrology
57 y/o woman w/ Sister Mary Joseph Nodule p/w shock, multiorgan failure, ?HLH 02/27/2017 Brodie Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
Middle aged woman w/ mantle cell lymphoma w/ peripheral blood involvement, presenting w/ symptomatic hyperleukocytosis 02/28/2017 Jurcic Morning Report Oncology
Middle aged man w/ hx ETOH dependence, p/w fever, found to have MSSA AV endocarditis c/b paravalvular abscess and CHB 03/01/2017 Kirtane Morning Report Cardiology
Older man w/ multiple medical problems, p/w pre-syncope, found to have severe hypothyroidism c/b pericardial effusion 03/02/2017 Kurra Morning Report Endocrinology
Young woman presenting w/ jaundice, hyperbilirubinemia to 16 in setting of thyroid storm 03/07/2017 Starr Morning Report Endocrinology
87 y/o man w/ MDS, G6PD deficiency, p/w septic shock and progressive hypoxemia, found to have met-Hgbemia 03/08/2017 Abrams Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care
30 y/o woman p/w seizures, AKI, TMA, found to have atypical HUS w/ CFH/CFB mutations 03/09/2017 Appel Morning Report Nephrology
Middle age man p/w LBP, anemia, hypercalcemia, found to have advanced multiple myeloma, now s/p HCT 03/13/2017 Lentzsch Morning Report Oncology
Middle aged man w/ hx DVT/PE, presenting w/ chronic DIC likely 2/2 cutaneous TMA vs. pancreatic IPMN 03/14/2017 Diuguid Morning Report Hematology
28 y/o man p/w fever, L hand weakness, found to have brain abscess in setting of underlying pulm AVMs, ?HHT 03/15/2017 Thakur Morning Report Neurology
61 y/o woman w/ HIV p/w fever, HA, cough, malaise, found to have S. pneumo bacterial meningitis 03/20/2017 Rachel Gordon Morning Report Infectious Disease
80 y/o woman w/ DM p/w SOB, found to have triple vessel CAD, now s/p CABG 03/21/2017 Stone Morning Report Cardiology
61 y/o man s/p allogeneic HCT 1.5 yrs ago, p/w endopthalmitis, ring-enhancing CNS lesions, and lung mass due to disseminated nocardiosis 03/22/2017 Pereira Morning Report Infectious Disease
82 y/o F p/w fall and confusion, found to be hyponatremic to 106 03/23/2017 Al-Awqati Morning Report Nephrology
79 y/o M p/w severe hypoxemia found to have unclassifiable ILD w/out biopsy 03/27/2017 Lederer Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care

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