Name Date Speaker Type Specialty Video
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in a pregnant woman with aphasia and unilateral weakness 05/16/2016 Eisenberger Morning Report
Giardiasis and bacillary angiomatosis in an HIV-infected adult with vomiting, diarrhea, and skin lesions 05/17/2016 Shalev Morning Report
New diagnosis of multiple myeloma in a man with back pain and renal failure 05/18/2016 Diuguid Morning Report
Metformin-associated lactic acidosis in a diabetic patient with shock 05/19/2016 Ganda Morning Report
Septic shock due to severe skin/soft tissue infection in an HIV-infected patient with KS-associated lymphedema 05/23/2016 Chong Morning Report
Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis in a young man with headache and a lytic skull lesion 05/24/2016 Heaney Morning Report
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a young woman with subacute cough and weight loss 05/25/2016 Patel Morning Report
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in a woman with 1-month of memory loss and myoclonus 05/26/2016 Lennihan Morning Report
Myocardial infarction with normal coronary arteries in a post-partum woman with SLE presenting with chest pain 05/31/2016 Ali Morning Report
HOCM patient with syncope 06/01/2016 Maurer Morning Report
Hyponatremia in a patient presenting with somnolence 06/02/2016 Fernandez Morning Report
Intake Rounds: Refractory Ascites with SBP, Hyponatremia 06/06/2016 Division Intake Rounds Morning Report
IBD patient with bloody diarrhea and new diagnosis of PSC 06/07/2016 Lawlor Morning Report
ARDS in patient with influenza H1N1 06/08/2016 Abrams Morning Report
Poorly Differentiated Adenocarcinoma of Lung in a Young man with Hemoptysis 06/13/2016 Sacher Morning Report
Panhypopituitarism with Adrenal Crisis and Central Diabetes Insipidus 06/14/2016 Kurra Morning Report
Sternoclavicular, Ankle, Knee swelling after bronchitis found to have Reactive Arthritis 06/15/2016 Nickerson Morning Report
Peri-partum female who p/w 4 days SOB found to have high-output CHF 06/16/2016 Yee-ping Sun Morning Report
45 yo woman with metastatic melanoma found to have severe hypercalcemia to 19 06/20/2016 Schwartz Morning Report
Young man with prolonged post-ictal state found to have marked renal failure due to ATN 06/21/2016 Radhakrishnan Morning Report
Young woman presenting with a digital ulcer found to have new systemic sclerosis 06/22/2016 Bernstein Morning Report
53 yo man presenting with progressive DOE, cough, and hemoptysis 06/23/2016 Kirtane Morning Report
A man presenting with fever and abdominal pain, found to have hypervirulent (mucoviscous) Klebsiella liver abscess 06/27/2016 Lowy Morning Report
A young man with HIV infection on dapsone presenting with dyspnea, found to have methemoglobinemia 06/28/2016 Muir Morning Report
Young woman with Grave's disease on methimazole presenting with acute liver injury 06/29/2016 McConnell Morning Report
48 yo M with history of Crohn's presenting with LE swelling secondary to nephrotic syndrome 06/30/2016 Appel Morning Report
54 y/o woman with HIV presenting with fever and AMS, found to have MSSA Endocarditis with septic emboli 07/05/2016 Miko Morning Report
21 y/o with palpitations, found to have WPW 07/06/2016 Iyer Morning Report
54 y/o M hx of epilepsy, PSA and HCV who p/w R-sided weakness and pain 07/07/2016 Canetta Morning Report
21 y/o with fever and body aches, p/w new Dx of SLE 07/12/2016 Askanase Morning Report
A man presenting w/ fever, wt loss, LAD, found to have new HIV infection, adrenal insufficiency, Salmonella bacteremia and disseminated histoplasmosis 07/13/2016 Gordon Morning Report
An elderly man presenting w/ hypothermia, hypotension, hypoxemia, and AMS, found to have myxedema coma 07/14/2016 Jacobs Morning Report
66 yo woman with anaphylaxis after several weeks on ceftriaxone 07/18/2016 Miller Morning Report
Aspergilloma in patient with HIV and previous nontuberculous mycobacterium infection 07/19/2016 Schluger Morning Report
54 yo woman with elevated transaminases returning from the DR with acute HCV infection 07/20/2016 Verna Morning Report
58 yo man with HTN and DMII presenting with nephrotic syndrome 07/21/2016 Crew Morning Report
56 y/o with progressive SOB found to have Pulm HTN 07/25/2016 Burkart Morning Report
85 yo woman with acute onset SOB found to have Takotsubo's on cath 07/26/2016 Bijou Morning Report
56 y/o OHT with syncope found to have Nocardia brain abscess 07/27/2016 Pereira Morning Report
66 y/o man with intervals of AMS found to have Lewy body Dementia 07/28/2016 Lennihan Morning Report
72 y/o with generalized weakness, fever, found to have acute AML 08/01/2016 Rosenblat Morning Report
37 yo man presenting with new diagnosis HIV/AIDS and multiple OIs 08/02/2016 Olender Morning Report
49 y/o with weakness, facial, swelling and rash found to have Dermatomyositis 08/03/2016 Kang Morning Report
71 y/o ESRD pt. on HD presenting with Hyperkalemia 08/04/2016 Siddall Morning Report
62 y/o with RA who presents with SOB - had myocarditis 08/08/2016 Bathon Morning Report
76 y/o with acute decompensated HF 2/2 Fulminant Myocarditis 08/09/2016 Garan Morning Report
45 yo M with rhabdomyolysis, compartment syndrome, and ARDS requiring paralysis 08/10/2016 Brodie Morning Report
67 y/o woman with vasculitis presenting with acute SOB found to have DAH 08/11/2016 Abrams Morning Report
50 y/o woman presenting w/ fever, HA, transaminitis, thrombocytopenia and leukopenia, found to have anaplasmosis 08/15/2016 Sobieszczyk Morning Report
57 y/o gentleman s/p Whipple for Pancreatic Ca with chronic diarrhea found to have celiac disease 08/16/2016 Lebwhol Morning Report
An older man presenting w/ hypercalcemia, found to have both hepatic sarcoidosis and primary hyperparathyroidism 08/17/2016 Wardlaw Morning Report
26 yo man presenting with SOB and scrotal edema found to have rare HIV related immune complex GN 08/18/2016 Valeri Morning Report
59 yo man with prior treated HCV presents with new diagnosis HCC and extensive PVT 08/22/2016 Lucero Morning Report
63 yo woman with new presentation of metastatic bony lesions found to have breast cancer 08/23/2016 Kalinsky Morning Report
42 y/o woman with saddle PE who underwent EKOS 08/24/2016 Green Morning Report
Older man with ICM and heart failure presenting with multiple AICD shocks and found to have VT storm 08/25/2016 Biviano Morning Report
48 yo M with dysphagia and hematemesis, found to have esophageal tear and likely EOE 08/29/2016 Abrams Morning Report
67 yo F with Afib and prior strokes presenting with R sided weakness 08/30/2016 Willey Morning Report
56 yo M returning from visit to Ghana with fatigue and myalgias found to have malaria 08/31/2016 Lowy Morning Report Infectious Disease
80 yo F with new presentation of ANCA-associated rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis 09/01/2016 Bomback Morning Report Nephrology
28 y/o woman with abdominal pain - new Dx of Colorectal Cancer 09/06/2016 Neugut Morning Report Oncology
64 yo woman with subacute fatigue and neurologic deficits found to have IgG4 pachymeningitis 09/07/2016 Giles Morning Report Rheumatology
35 y/o post-partum woman p/w AMS, AKI, anemia, thrombocytopenia, found to have catastrophic APS 09/08/2016 Diuguid Morning Report Hematology
Intake Rounds: Neutropenic fever and LAM 09/12/2016 Division Chiefs Morning Report
54 y/o man s/p splenectomy p/w septic shock, DIC from Capnocytophaga bacteremia 09/14/2016 Dobkin Morning Report Infectious Disease
79 yo man presenting with fatigue/confusion found to have salicylate toxicity 09/15/2016 Canetta Morning Report Nephrology
49 yo woman presenting with acute liver injury found to have autoimmune hepatitis vs drug-induced liver injury 09/19/2016 Fox Morning Report Gastroenterology
29 yo woman presenting with SOB and chest pain, found to have thyrotoxicosis 09/20/2016 Jacobs Morning Report Endocrinology
93 yo man with CAD and s/p TAVR presenting with STEMI and subsequent free wall rupture and cardiac tamponade 09/21/2016 O'Connor Morning Report Cardiology
56 y/o man p/w new-onset asthma, found to have pulmonary strongyloides 09/22/2016 Keating Morning Report Pulmonary/Critical Care

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