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72 y/o with generalized weakness, fever, found to have acute AML


  • In Acute Leukemia- neutrophils are not functioning properly (Thus, even if ANC > 1,500 because of leukocytosis neutrophil function still impaired).

    Posted 08/01/16 04:51:16 PM by Adam Faye

  • Transfusion practices in Acute Leukemia:
    In acute leukemia likely will have thrombocytopenia/anemia - often important to transfuse. However, be cautious if WBC >50-100,000 with many blasts- can lead to leukostasis and acute decompensation.

    Posted 08/01/16 04:57:33 PM by Adam Faye

  • When treating AML: In those <55, time to chemo has a mortality benefit:

    Posted 08/01/16 05:03:11 PM by Adam Faye

  • For further reading...

    AML Overview
    Genomic Classification and Prognosis in AML

    Posted 08/01/16 05:03:30 PM by Adam Faye

  • 45 yo M p/w bleeding gums, found to have APL


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