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61 y/o woman w/ HIV p/w fever, HA, cough, malaise, found to have S. pneumo bacterial meningitis


  • Epidemiology of bacterial meningitis in 21st century (Lancet ID 2016)

    Posted 03/20/17 09:00:19 AM by Matthew Cummings

  • Cochrane Review: Steroids for Bacterial Meningitis (2015)

    Posted 03/20/17 09:02:26 AM by Matthew Cummings

  • Systematic Review/Meta-analysis of CSF Lactate to Distinguish Bacterial vs. Viral Meningitis

    Posted 03/20/17 09:03:19 AM by Matthew Cummings

  • For further reading...

    Cochrane Review of Steroids in Bacterial Meningitis (2015)
    Community-acquired bacterial meningitis in adults in the Netherlands, 2006–14: a prospective cohort study (Lancet ID 2016)
    Cerebrospinal fluid lactate concentration to distinguish bacterial from aseptic meningitis: a systemic review and meta-analysis (Crit Care 2010)

    Posted 03/20/17 09:06:59 AM by Matthew Cummings

  • 29 yo M w no PMH p/w hemoptysis, found to have cavitary lung lesion with aspergillus


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