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57 y/o gentleman s/p Whipple for Pancreatic Ca with chronic diarrhea found to have celiac disease


  • Posted 08/16/16 09:50:16 AM by Adam Faye

  • Celiac Disease- IgA TTG (Check IgA level as well, can have false negative if IgA deficiency)

    Posted 08/16/16 10:02:36 AM by Adam Faye

  • Tropical Sprue:

    Posted 08/16/16 10:10:20 AM by Adam Faye

  • Most common causes of pancreatitis:

    Posted 08/16/16 10:12:59 AM by Adam Faye

  • Celiac Disease NEJM case
    Acute Infectious Diarrhea

    Posted 08/16/16 10:16:33 AM by Adam Faye

  • 43yo M with diarrhea, megaloblastic anemia found to have tropical sprue


    38yo M with toothbrush ingestion


  • Common Ingestions: Fish/Chicken bones, coins (most common in kids), disc batteries, magnets

    Posted 01/30/18 11:28:52 AM by Emily Miller

  • Disc battery ingestion is an emergency as they can lead to corrosion of GI tract

    Posted 01/30/18 11:29:21 AM by Emily Miller

  • Large items over >6cm cannot pass through duodenum and need to be urgently removed.  Objects should not remain in esophagus for >24 hours

    Posted 01/30/18 11:30:01 AM by Emily Miller

  • 71 yo F p/w diarrhea 2/2 post-CCY, villous adenoma, and DM


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