Pearls from Dr. Garrett Lawlor

IBD patient with bloody diarrhea and new diagnosis of PSC


  • Crohn's Disease:

    Posted 06/07/16 09:08:47 AM by Adam Faye

  • When examining a patient with IBD always ask about extraintestinal manifestations:
    1. Rashes
    2. Eyes
    3. Joints

    Also always ask if the current symptoms are typical of their usual flare. 

    Posted 06/07/16 09:10:50 AM by Adam Faye

  • RIsk of disease in children of patients with IBD:

    Posted 06/07/16 09:14:07 AM by Adam Faye

  • Ulcerative Colitis:

    Posted 06/07/16 09:26:14 AM by Adam Faye

  • IBD flare:

    Posted 06/07/16 09:37:06 AM by Adam Faye

  • Smooth Muscle Ab- Associated with Autoimmune hepatitis
    peri-nuclear ANCA - Associated with PSC
    Anti-mitochondrial Ab - Associated with PBC

    Posted 06/07/16 09:42:44 AM by Adam Faye

  • PSC:

    Posted 06/07/16 09:47:26 AM by Adam Faye

  • For further reading...

    Review of IBD Pathogenesis
    CRP use in UC
    PSC (NEJM)

    Posted 06/07/16 10:08:36 AM by Adam Faye

  • 69yo M with vomiting and diarrhea x 3 mo, ?IBD, extensive w/u --> unclear etiology


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