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54 y/o M hx of epilepsy, PSA and HCV who p/w R-sided weakness and pain


  • Rhabdomyolysis

    Posted 07/07/16 09:34:11 AM by Ying Liu

  • Risk Factors

    Posted 07/07/16 09:39:26 AM by Ying Liu

  • Treatment:

    Posted 07/07/16 09:43:45 AM by Ying Liu

  • Types of RRT (Renal Replacement Therapy)

    Posted 07/07/16 09:50:29 AM by Ying Liu

  • 79 yo man presenting with fatigue/confusion found to have salicylate toxicity


  • Considerations with potassium level disturbances (hyper/hypokalemia):

    Posted 09/15/16 09:42:26 AM by Anna Krigel

  • Salicylate toxicity

    Posted 09/15/16 09:46:27 AM by Anna Krigel

  • Acute management of salicylate toxicity

    Posted 09/15/16 10:56:10 AM by Anna Krigel

  • For further reading...

    Review and Recommendations for HD in Salicylate poisoning
    Extracorporeal Treatments in Poisoning Working Group Guidelines

    Posted 09/15/16 11:32:40 AM by Anna Krigel

  • 49 yo woman with leg swelling x 2 weeks found to have nephrotic syndrome likely secondary to NSAID use


  • Nephrotic syndrome vs other high volume states (CHF, cirrhosis)

    Posted 04/20/17 09:45:20 AM by Anna Krigel

  • NSAID-induced renal injury

    Posted 04/20/17 10:24:27 AM by Anna Krigel

  • Nephrotic syndrome etiologies

    Posted 04/20/17 10:31:15 AM by Anna Krigel

  • 23yo F 11 weeks pregnant presenting with progressive LE edema, in acute renal failure, ultimately dense deposit disease


    72 yo F p/w anuria found to have RPGN 2/2 anti-GBM and ANCA vasculitis


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