Pearls from Dr. Elizabeth Mayer

36 y/o woman with Beta-Thal presenting with Aortitis - Presumed Takayasu's


  • Diastolic Murmurs:
    1. Grade I - Barely Audible
    2. Grade II - Audible, but soft
    3. Grade III - Easily Audible
    4. Grade IV - Loud

    Posted 10/11/16 01:50:21 PM by Adam Faye

  • Mentzer Index (Sensitivity 86%, Specificty 62% for diagnosing Beta Thal)

    Posted 10/11/16 02:10:51 PM by Adam Faye

  • Takayasu Arteritis:
    Three Phases:
    1. Systemic - constitutional- fever, malaise, night sweats, arthralgia
    2. Vasculitic - Constitutional symptoms + vascular involvement (tenderness/pain over vessels)
    3. Late/Fibrotic - Arterial Stenosis/Occulusion --> pulseless disease
    ESR and CRP can be useful markers to monitor disease activity over time

    Posted 10/11/16 02:20:44 PM by Adam Faye

  • Takayasu Arteritis typically occurs in individuals < 40 y/o
    Giant Cell Arteritis typically occurs in individuals > 50 y/o

    Posted 10/11/16 02:23:41 PM by Adam Faye

  • Dr. Mayer usually finds if Ferritin >500, less likely to be solely from Fe def. anemia but suggests an underlying inflammatory state.

    Posted 10/11/16 02:25:39 PM by Adam Faye

  • Treatment of Takayasu Arteritis:

    Posted 10/11/16 02:28:57 PM by Adam Faye

  • For further reading...

    Takayasu Arteritis Review

    Posted 10/11/16 02:21:09 PM by Adam Faye

  • 64 yo woman with 5 weeks of fevers, night sweats, and weight loss found to have perivascular infiltration, treated for giant cell arteritis


  • Major large vessel vasculitides

    Posted 05/03/17 10:03:57 AM by Anna Krigel

  • GCA should be considered in patients over 50 found to have:

    Posted 05/03/17 10:05:31 AM by Anna Krigel

  • Fever of unknown origin (FUO)

    Posted 05/03/17 10:06:52 AM by Anna Krigel

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