Craig Blinderman




Palliative Care

Current Projects

Analysis of symptom distress in ambulatory cancer patients, ambulatory palliative care patients, and inpatient palliative care patients; Analysis of outcomes of outpatient palliative care on hospital statistics (e.g. LOS, hospitalizations, ED visits, etc); Assessment of unmet palliative care needs at NYP/CUMC using _triggers" for model development; Qualitative analysis of decision making in patients with advanced illness or at the end of life; Use of comfort care orders and policy to improve patient outcomes_(would need to develop IRB protrocol and choose outcome metrics (e.g. quality of death tool); Development of a narrative medicine intervention to use in palliative care patients and the impact on symptom distress

Professional Interests

Primary focus is in palliative care outcomes and creating systems/models to facilitate applications of palliative care in an inpatient setting; currently involved in several projects with aims to assess unmet needs, analyze outcomes, and determining the process behind end of life decisions in order to create an organized and efficient approach to providing palliative care.

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